What is Specifically Meant by Leadership Coaching


There are many people who are wondering what does it mean when it says executive leadership coaching. To be able to better understand it, it is wise that you examine two different concepts which is leadership and coaching.

Basically, coaching is the term used widely with a meaning that depends slightly on the situation. Generally speaking, coaching has got something to do in providing instructions or training to a team or a player, gives extra teaching, teach as a executive leadership coach, give someone instructions on what to do or say in certain situations, provide professional advice on how to achieve goals and a lot more.

The process is more on one person assisting another in order to develop, learn, achieve and improve. It just can be about getting new skills or perhaps, enhancing existing qualities. More often than not, the focus is on attitudes, knowledge and behaviors but, coaching can be used as well for spiritual and physical development.

As a matter of fact, coaching does happen in many situations of our life whether it is public or private such as in official organization, private institutions etc. Well basically, just the fact that your parents are teaching you how to cook is one manifestation of coaching already. For this reason, coaching from Karen Morley can be either formal or informal with different structures at play in how you’re being coached. The methods and techniques being used vary depending by whom, what and where you’re trying to improve or develop.

So now that we’ve known about coaching, let’s focus about leadership. What are we referring to when talking about leadership? Well practically speaking, this is about the ability of leading groups of people in specific objective or vision. This has something to do with motivating, developing and inspiring subordinates in achieving shared goals. Learn more about coaching at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coaching.

So what is meant by leadership coaching? Basically, this is being used occasionally as executive or business coaching. This is something that is about improving the person’s skills and abilities and help the organization to meet operational objectives. It is more about boosting the ability of a person to perform as leader and also, to achieve its vision.

Leadership as we know is more on soft skills like emotional growth and also, values but with regards to executive leadership, it is more than just about driving personal growth. Personal development is all part of this process but coaching goes deeper in specific organizational needs. The idea is providing a better and deeper understanding of things similar to setting realistic goals, creating vision and so forth. The executive leadership coaching has a foundation on diverse coaching strategies that could be a one on one interaction or group element.


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